Background slide show

im using the default OSMC skin is it possible to have a slide show for the wallpapers/back ground ?

Not at this time.

ok thanks is there a good light weight skin ideal for raspberry pi that has this feature? Ive used ReFocus light before but it dosent seem to work well with OSMC

You want to use Amber.

It is intended to be lightweight by design, and allows for background slideshows out-of-the-box.

thanks Karnage I gave Amber a try but have found it dosent scroll through the music menu anywhere near as smooth as OSMC, my music folder size is about 120gb on a usb hdd and Amber seems a bit laggy, is there anything i can do to make it more responsive?

As an OSMC developer do you know if it is a feature that may be added in the near future? apart from that OSMC does everything i need it to do, ive tried a few other skins but none will scroll through as smoothly

I’m not that involved in the skin development, so dont know what’s planned.

I recommend you put a post in the Feature Requests sub-forum.

Odd to hear that about Amber, it’s always gone pretty well for me. But then again, I dont use the music library, just movies and tv shows.