Backing up OSMC img


So basically I followed every tutorial out there to cloning my image of OSMC. Its currently being used on a 8 GB sdcard and the image itself is 7.8 GB.

Now i wrote the image file using win32 onto a folder on my desktop however as soon as I write it back onto a clean 8GB sdcard and I pop it in my raspberry pi, it tried restoring it and then just said it cant boot it up afterwards.

What should I do so when my main SD card breaks down I can actually just use the cloned image?

Thanks in advance to those willing to help me out!

You give no references (I doubt you can have tried all).
I suggest that, for cloning using Windows, you try either Win32imager or USB Image Tool (my preference) for imaging and restore)

USB Image tool can be found here:
I use this and works fine. The program optionss to deal with sd card size differences. See setings tab in the program

Actually there arent that many and as i said before i used Win32 but that doesn’t work. Thanks anyway for trying to help.

Would this still prevent OSMC from trying to restore the image?

OSMC will not restore any image. You read an image from an sdcard and write it to an img file on your haddisk. When you want to restore it, you need to take the same program you wrote that file with and write it back directly to another (or the same) sdcard.

Are you sure the sdcard you wrote it to is ok? Have you tried another one?

Just to be pedantic, it’s not Win32 you used but Win32DiskImager. I know that’s what you meant but it’s good to be clear about these things.