Backing up Vero 4k

Backing up my Vero 4k.What size sd card and what file system format for the card?Does it have to be formatted on pc?

exfat should be the most common supported format
Size depend on how much data you have but based on the internal eMMC size 16GB would be the maximum required size

You can use a USB stick too or backup to the eMMC (internal storage) and copy the file back to a PC

If you want to back up any more than your user files and media files, you will need a filesystem that supports file permissions (ext2/3/4).

Am I right in assuming the backup only saves settings and not enough for a full reinstall ie Kodi and OSMC and I have to make another sd card with OSMC and an image file?

On another note, Is there a way to refresh the Kodi library automatically without having to reboot the Vero or manually update the library in Kodi panel.This is because the Vero is always on device.


I don’t think so. Best to search the Kodi forum for this.

Library Watchdog add-on should do the job.


Thanks for your help everyone