Backup and Restore


What exactly is being backed up with the “My OSMC” provided function? or should I ask, what would be missing after re-installing from scratch and restoring a backup file?

  1. would bluetooth pairing details be backed-up and restored?

  2. I can see you can include add-ons folder in it. Will the addon settings, including login credentials, be restored succesfully?


  1. No
  2. Yes

It primarily backs up Kodi userdata

Thanks - is there any way to backup the bluetooth pairing details, then…?

You could copy the /var/connman directory, but I don’t recommend this.

hi Sam, thanks for the response.

I investigated this a bit more and I believe you are referring to the /var/lib/connman directory. Not sure why you woud not recommend this, but I think if restoring to the same device/software version, it should be OK - cannot hurt, can it…?

Also, I think the actual bluetooth pairing settings are in /var/lib/bluetooth - I will back this up, as well.

You may be asking why all this - well, I run the Vero 4k+ with a Harmony Hab through bluetooth. I don’t have an IR remote setup to control it, and the original Vero remote is in its box somewhere. So if I were to reinstall from scratch, I would need bluetooth up and running.

I was faced with this about a week ago, after trying the latest beta and having to revert due to frequent sad-face crashes. This is my main viewing device so I really need stability for now. Stable version is running rock solid, though! :+1:

Thanks again.

You could use the web interface to do this.


Now you lost me - do you main enabling bluetooth and pairing my controller using the web-interface?



You can do this by going to My OSMC -> Networking -> Bluetooth.