Backup of only a specific installed add-on possible?

Sometimes I deal with the problem that, after updating just one specific add-on to a new version, it stops working.
Hence my question: Does anybody know if it is possible, either via console command or even out of the OSMC GUI, to back up only one specific add-on, means the installed version, so that in case of failure it can be downgraded again?

I imagine that such a backup had to be stored either inside an existing or a new repository.

Up to now I work with full SD card images for that, however that is quite an effort for just one add-on to get it back to work again…

There should be a copy of the latest version of every add-on you have downloaded in ~osmc/.kodi/addons/packages. You can just copy the ZIP file, then later use the Kodi GUI to “Install from ZIP file” instead of a repository.

Note that this doesn’t help with add-ons that are part of the base OSMC install when you want to revert to that base version. But, if there is a bug with an updated version of an add-on that is part of the base install, you should report it here, so that it can get fixed for future releases.

Can’t you just turn auto update off on that addon?