Backup/Restore is missing the profiles directory!

So, I decided to re-image my Vero4K after about six months having messed around with it. I did a Backup via OSMC/Backup.

After I re-image and choose Restore, nothing happened for a very long time. No status popup, etc. Took me a few tries to figure out that you just have to wait for the list of what to restore to finally come up. When it did, I chose everything (Likewise when I configured the backup I checked everything but thumbnails).

I get an error that not everything could be restored, to check the logs. I choose restart, then look in the log file: kodi.log and I see no errors about what didn’t restore. Is there a different log for the restore process, and if so, where is it?

When I open the actual backup file manually it looks like the profile.xml file was backed up, but the actual profiles directory (and all it’s subdirectory content) was not! :frowning: As a result all my skin modifications have been lost, as well as the individualized addon settings that live in the individual user profile directories. :frowning:

I’m really regretting not just doing an SSH login to the box and doing my own backup, because it looks like the OSMC backup missed a lot of stuff, and now I’m gonna be spending the night reconfiguring everything {groan} :frowning:

The backup add-on will backup the entire ~/.kodi directory.

Post logs if this is not the case for you.

CC @Karnage


Any logs for this particular backup were cleared when I re-imaged the Vero4K.

I’ll run a backup now to test it again. Will the output go into the kodi.log or a different log file?

Yup, just ran the backup again, and got the exact same two directories only in the resulting tar file.