Backup Restored, No Wifi?

I’m running into an issue where I restore an OSMC backup yet can’t get wifi to connect following the restore.

On my RPi 3 setup, I ran a complete backup of all of my settings via the My OSMC app (using the March 2022 build). Then, I restored the settings on my new RPi 4. The backup restore went great - all my add-ons and my library restored perfectly, and my settings came back all set as well.

The problem? Wifi wont connect following the restore. Going into the My OSMC app, I can see all of my SSIDs just fine. But when I try to connect to one of the networks I have connected to in the past, it asks me to re-enter my network password - no matter how many times I try (and YES, I am entering it correctly), it’ll fail to connect. I also ran into this exact same issue several months ago on a different setup when I swapped the MicroSD from one RPi 4 to a different RPi 4 - everything worked great, but I could not connect to the wifi.

What could be causing this? Does OSMC store the MAC address of the wifi adapter in one of the config files? I’m hoping that it is stored in a certain config file, and I can just opt to back up everything from my old setup except for that file. Passwords.xml? Advancedsettings.xml? Which file could it be?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!


What happens if you forget the connection and re-add it?

Thanks Tom.

You shouldn’t really do this – as settings will be different.

How would you suggest migrating the library? I’m in a very low bandwidth situation, so rebuilding the library by rescraping everything would take a LONG time.

As far as forgetting the connection and reconnecting - no luck.

You can export and reimport the library via Kodi, without having to back everything else up.

If you can get to a command line, you could run rm /var/lib/connman/wifi_*, reboot and re-attempt connection.


Everything in the ~/.kodi folder should normally be fine migrating like this with the exception of guisettings.xml. You can delete that file with Kodi not running and when you start Kodi again it will restore this file with system defaults.