Backup size increase after August upgrade


the automatic backup created each day when checking for OSMC updates went from roughly 500MB a day to nearly 1,5 GB, add-ons folder is excluded.

The number of shows and episodes has most certainly not tripled.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Is this an expected behaviour?

Feedback would be appreciated but this is obviously not urgent.

With the move to Kodi 19 the old databases get duplicated and the copies upgraded so you may be able to free up a bit by deleting MyMusic72.db and MyVideos116.db. Unless you have a particularly large library I don’t think those would normally be any more than a couple hundred MB. As for the rest you would normally only expect to see that scale of a size increase if you rescanned your library and Kodi cached the artwork anew. Kodi 19 did move to new scrapers. If you compare the size of the artwork folder from an old backup and your current install that may give you the answer. If that is the case you can just delete the thumbnail folder along with texturecache13.db and restart Kodi and it should automatically recache the art on demand.

Thank you for the walkthrough. I’ll have a look at it later this week. I didn’t perform a complete rescan so I’d reckon it shouldn’t have scanned it all anew. It’s a bit of shame that even now Kodi doesn’t allow for cleaning / removing orphaned data to reduce db sizes. I know there were old add-ins but these were not supported officially so I never used them.

No, as @darwindesign wrote the upgrade created a 1:1 copy of all databases as part of the upgrade. So if you want to save space you can remove the old files.
Also you might want to delete the thumbnail folder as it grows a bit over the time.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Last night I also found this

one which contains a new fork for Kodi 19

but it’s Beta and I’ll definitely try cleaning the cache and removing the old DB backup instead. Thank you for the additional feedback.

Well… it was the bloody thumbnails
From 1,4 GB down to 14 MB
It might still be recreating but I guess that’s something I should have done ages ago. Cheers!

Aside from forcing them with something like the Texture Cache Maintenance utility they will only be created the first time Kodi goes to display them. In practice this means that cover art will normally cache very fast (Kodi loads more of these than just what you see in the library display without scrolling) but these are cached at a relatively small resolution so they will not generally take up a ton of space. The fanart I believe is where the bulk of the storage space gets used as they are cached larger. As they only get loaded when you move the selection over an item expect your thumbnail folder to grow quite a bit more as an expected thing.

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I’m pretty sure that at some point in the past I had skins installed that used Fanart downloads extensively and these were probably never removed when I deleted the individual shows / movies from the database