Backup to Mac

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 and a MacBook Pro. I assigned fixed IP addresses to both devices. I installed osmc on the RPi3. I also installed a VNC server (dispmanx) on the RPi3 and that works just fine to view and control the RPi3’s GUI. I can also use Terminal to log into the RPi3 using ssh.

Now I want to create RPi3 backups and save them in a folder on my MacBook Pro. I have been unsuccessful.

In the Backup Configuration I have tried using various commands beginning with “smb://…” but when I do a Backup I am unable to write to my MacBook Pro.

If someone can suggest something to try I would appreciate it.

Is your Mac set us to share anything out via SMB?

Thanks, that must be the problem. I had just used a user name and password but didn’t think to enable file sharing. I would need to think about security, and it looks like I can just selectively open up file sharing with SMB for one folder which is the backup location. Do you agree? (Later today I’ll be working on this.) Thanks for your helpful reply.