Barebone version of the Vero

Is there going to be a barebone version of the Vero? This would greatly reduce the price and attract more people.

Barebone Vero idea(bold=included | cursive = removed):

Dual Core 1Ghz Cortex A9 ARMv7 processor
Gigabit Ethernet
Integrated 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi
Bluetooth 4.0
Integrated IR receiver
Optical S/PDIF output
2x powered USB ports
HDMI 1.4 with CEC (allows you to control Vero with your TV remote)
Full HD 24Hz output
3D ready

Vero with 8GB storage
OSMC software (download yourself and install to your own sdcard)
Official Vero Remote
2M HDMI Cable (Black)
UK, EU, US and AU compatible power supply
Three years guaranteed software updates
Ships February 2015

Or if there’s such a device already, can someone point me to it? Thanks!

We have no plans to offer this as in many cases it would stop the device being a complete out of the box solution for consumers

The hardware is out there, so if you wanted to, you could buy it without all the extras and install osmc yourself. But you would not be supporting Vero/osmc if you did that :slight_smile:

I think Sam put together/ordered a custom version that can not be found on the shelf?

There are boards available with very similar specs (or identical?). With/without wifi/bt. I’ve not seen integrated ir on this board, but you could plug one in, inside a box, and say its integrated :smile: (Cubox-i has ir) How unique the vero-board is, Sam would have to say. Or we’ll know when they ship and someone picks one apart. But would the difference be noticable with a similar piece of hw (i.MX6 device), or even on the other supported osmc platforms? The thing about the vero is that everything comes in the cute little box. If you don’t want it that way, there are other ways to go.

I would concider the Raspberry Pi 2 a barebons version of the Vero.

Hello leripe,

if you want to use a barebone, take raspberry or anything else. There are other kodi images which support a vast variaty of hardware out there. From my point of view, this 130 € is a valuable price and if compare to pi2 from current amazon pricing it’s absolutly competive… pi2 is 59€, case is 10€ powercord is 10€, sdcard is 10€ plus wifi, plus cable, plus remote… so this is from my point of view absolutly a fair pricing sam has chosen…