Best SD Card to use for 4k media playback on Vero4K+

I am setting up a Vero 4K+ to demo AV systems and will be storing clips from Bluray and UHD discs without having to carry additional hard drive. 256GB of storage would be ideal. But what class/speed card do I need? I see class 10 is what’s in OSMC store but there seems to be newer technology out. Does newer faster cards not work?

Is there any way to upgrade internal storage instead of using SD card?

Hi, I can’t give an added value regarding the sd-card questions but just want to point to very short usb sticks like the “SanDisk ultra fit” and “Samsung Fit Plus” series. It might be that such drives are nothing else than micro-sd cards with an appropriate controller in the small case … so, one would have to do some performance benchmarks to compare it with the internal sd-card reader.


So can anyone chime in on what’s best route for performance? Using USB stick vs SD card?

The performance should be similar.

Something accessed via Gigabit ethernet will outperform SD card and USB for big file transfers. But for playing 4K video it likely won’t matter; you don’t need more than about 16MB/s read speed for that.

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Well, I did some benchmark tests using the fio tool, 4GB workload file, sequential reads and writes, ext4 file system, all defaults values, kernel 4.9.113-50-osmc:

storage read bandwidth [MiB/s] write bandwidth [MiB/s]
Vero4k+ internal memory 151 54.9
Vero4k+ USB port, external SSD 38.6 39
Vero4k+ SD card reader, SD card A2 + v30 19.1 19.2
Vero4k+ NAS, nfs 4, Synology DS214se, Raid 1 112 46.6

So, the external SSD and the A2+v30 SD-card (card read/write bandwidth on my Win10 desktop 67/85 MiB/s) are much faster than the Vero’s hw interfaces + OSMC stack, which means that these table values are at a very rough estimation the max. throughputs with the current kernel + ext4 which can be achieved with the hw platform.
The Synology NAS device is an old and tiny one but still gets DSM updates. Regarding reads it’s capable to get the max. out of 1 Gigabit ethernet even with mechanical SATA disks inside but for writes you can see that the small Marvell Armada 370 CPU inside the NAS and underlying hw is running on the edge of max performance.

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