Best way to put Kodi on the USB stick WITHOUT a fresh install

Hi Guys

As per one of my previous posts I was having issues with my home 2x PI2 and fresh installed the latest version and did some modifications. Given my USB was the problem last time I installed them on the SD card but now the performance simply terrible when navigating through menus and when Art-work down loader running.

As per others posts all recommending to use the USB stick when I got MySQL server integration. Given I spend around 2 hours installing it on SD want to know answers to below 2 questions. I am sure other users will find it helpful as well

  1. Without a fresh install, what is the best way to put the Kodi on the USB stick and let it run from the stick (smiler to fresh install from via the app)

  2. Is there any performance tweaks I can do to only issue is Menu Navigation as most of the time OSMC - Kodi calling the MYSQL server to get the details

Thanks for your help and advice as always…

If I can’t get a quick and easy win I will reinstall Kodi…

It won’t be quick or easy.

You would be much better off to get a better performing SDcard and move your installation to it.

Thanks ActionA. I have done a fresh install.

How to move a perfect installation from one sd card to another, exactly…
Please send link if already discussed and please be nice. Don’t flame me.

Can can create an img from SD 1 with “Win32DiskImager” and then write it on SD 2.

SD 2 must be the same or bigger size then SD 1