Biggest buffer size on rpi3 and buffering issues

¿waht’s the biggest buffer size i can use on kodi advancedsettings in rpi3?.

i’m tired of continuous “buffering” due to wifi interference and the values i’ve chosen seem not to work(or the buffering logic is badly done).

for example, with a 48MB size, after ~1:10 hour of movie playback, it says buffering and the system hangs(i have to powercycle the rpi).

it even started buffering on a USB pendrive attached to the system(i don’t know why but mount.exfat was using 99% cpu all the time) -which is impossible- it made watching a movie impossible all the time the playback stopping

I would recommend a 100-150 MB cache size and a readfactor of 16. Increasing the cache size much higher will probably not help if you are having network problems.

The high CPU use is a little strange, though exfat will probably use FUSE, which will be less efficient than a native Linux filesystem, such as ext4. So, if possible, try a pendrive formatted with ext4.

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i can’t use a ext4 pendrive as i’ve have nowhere to write it to.

isn’t 100MB too much for pi3?, with kodi taking 3x the ammoutn set it would need 300 to 450MB of free ram, deos it even has that much?

edit: i also found that for some reason MMAL was selected instead of OMX, i switched it last night and now it seems to work better

First, do you have a Pi1 or Pi2/3? As they have different memory.
Secondly the 3 x amount of RAM being used has been questioned by people who analysed the code and is most likely a documentation mistake

i have a pi3

Than you have 1G RAM out of which 256M will be used for GPU