Bizarre subtitle behaviour with DivX files

I am a new user of OSMC the RC of which I have installed on an RPi2.

First of all many thanks for those who have created OSMC; a good deal of work has clearly gone into it.

I have a problem when playing DivX 5 files with embedded DXSA subtitles. Video and sound play fine but, when enabled, the subtitles appear at high speed until, presumably, the end is reached.

Is this a known problem? Are there any solutions.

Many thanks in advance.

Does it play correctly on Kodi on another platform (e.g. on windows or linux)

Many thanks, good question. I have just installed Kodi on Windows; the behaviour is exactly the same.

I clearly have to pose the question elsewhere unless someone has some insight into this problem.

I’d suggest a post here:

which hopefully will get the attention of the right kodi devs.

Thank you.