Black screen before movie plays since last update

Hallo Forum,

since the last update I have a ugly effect before a movie starts. Before there was a busy sign, then the movie started. Now the busy sign then the whole screen goes black and the tv shows the input device like it does when Osmc is booting up. Then the movie starts. Same effect when the movie stops.
Its a pity because there was no problem before the update. What are the steps I can do to try to find the reason for this black screen pause? Have other users similar effects? Has there been a change in the way movies are played?
My Osmc is running on a Raspberry Pi and connected to a Sony Bravia KDL-32E4000 via HDMI.
If you need more Infos on the software please tell me I will look it up.
Thanks for your help!

Try to disable Adjust Refresh Rate (in Settings -> Player).

Haring the same issue with the input source osd pupping up when playing/stopping a video.

Adjust refresh rate was already disabled.

Edit: setting the refresh rate to 60.0 under Settings > System did the trick. Make sure it is set to the same setting as your TV tot avoid switching (and thus killing the video signal for a brief second)

Well, you are genius! This did the trick for me:
I changed the refresh rate from 60 to 50 now no input source popping any more!