Black screen on rpi3 after update to V19

Tried to update to latest version V19 and get a black screen.Tried fresh install and get the same thing.Osmc symbol shows up then black screen and green light on rpi goes off.
Any ideas.Have tried several times with no success.

Which Pi do you have?
Is ssh still working when no picture?
Can you try to boot without Network cable?
Does installing a previous version gives you a picture back?

Its a Rpi 3
Ssh does not work.Pi basically shuts down.
Not using network cable.Wireless.
Older version works.
I just updated another Rpi3 and it works.So I may try cloning that card and see if that will get my first system going.

Would assume a power issue, new version uses more power. Try to swap power supply with the one that works with v19

Just bought a brand new 3amp power supply and stiil the same black screen.