Blinking yellow light when booting from USB

Hi, I am having trouble installing OSMC to my ATV1.

I am using a kingston USB-3.0-stick of 16 gb, and the qt_host_installer on a Mac. I have tried the two latest release 2016.05 og 07. And in both cases, when I boot the device with the stick, nothing shows up on the TV and the ATV just keeps blinking steadily yellow.

The ATV is connected to a Denon receiver through HDMI and works/boots normally when the stick is removed. Nothing else is connected other than power cord.

I´m quite new here, but have reached through the forum without finding a similar issue. It seems like it should be common, so I keep thinking I have forgot something fundamental.

Any thoughts?

try another USB stick
if possible USB2

Hold down menu and - on the remote to force boot from mass storage

Also try another usb as suggested