I am looking to upgrade my current setup.

I currently have a Pi 2 with 16 GB Ultra which streams using NFS from my Windows box.

My aim is to build the same setup with a Pi 3 and put freeview, Amazon prime and Netflix on it. I also have quite a large collection of Blu-ray films, which at present I play using a PS3 (old and a little noisy.)

So my question is, “Can I add an external USB Blu-ray drive to play films on the Pi 3?” Obviously it would be wise to use one with an external power source.

  1. Does it matter which one I buy? ( looks good?)
  2. Will this plug and play or will there be config issues?
  3. I’m using genuine discs rather than rips or copies - can the Pi 3 and OSMC deal with transcoding the discs?

I have found a few posts relating to this, however I was hoping there was a how-to about. If not maybe we can put one together?

You should research the use of these providers on Pi and OSMC. You will likely be disappointed.

I thought that at least Prime would be covered in v17?

It was but I think they changed the encryption scheme again

I don’t know why the feel the need to do that. As we are still logging in to our prime account, it isn’t like we are cheating them.