Bluetooth Audio issues

Hello everybody!

I’m new to OSMC and read a lot about bluetooth audio streaming. On my Raspi 3 I installed and updated OSMC and wget this bluetooth audio stuff. I have trusted, paired and connected to my bluetooth speaker using bluetoothctl via ssh. So far everything works fine, autoconnect doesn’t work all the time but that isn’t the biggest issue.
The main issue is, after about 1-2 minutes of streaming soundfiles to my bluetooth speaker, the audio stops and I have to poweroff the bluetooth speaker aswell as the Raspi in order to play about 1-2 minutes again. Is there any fix for this? If you need any logs, please let me know how to provide you with them. Thank’s a lot.

Try using an external Bluetooth adapter. The internal one can sometimes be a little problematic for A2DP, but I do believe it’s being worked on.