Bluetooth doesn´t show anywhere

So, I installed the lates OSMC on a raspberry pi 2 b.
I’ve tried to get my bluetooth dongle for HID keyboard to connect, but no luck.
There is no mentioning of bluetooth in /var/lib/connman/settings

rfkill wount list anything at all.
lsusb shows me that it’s in its place.
hcitools returns “no such device”.
Whats up?

Do you see the bluetooth in MyOSMC | network?
Mine shows there, even tho’ I haven’t managed to pair it with a keyboard (which has given problems in other contexts)

Nope. I’ve tried two different dongles to, both worked fine with my old setup - raspberry pi b with xbmc.

Sounds like you need to heed the forum advice on posting, and supply details of hardware used, and logs (debug) of it failing.