Bluetooth speaker connection failed


I have OSMC RC3 installed on RPi Model B (512MB) with Asus BT400 USB adapter. When I try to pair it with my bluetooth speaker (MKM-S10U), the system founds the speaker but fails with “Connection to MKM-S10U failed”. The speaker works perfectly with my phone, and it was working with the same adapter and RPi board under RaspBMC (provided the needed packages are installed, of course).
There’s a log entry: “osmc bluetoothd[245]: a2dp-sink profile connect failed for 30:22:AE:CC:82:25: Protocol not available”. Could you please advice a possible reason?

All the logs are here -; I’d appreciate for any opinion.

A2DP is not supported in OSMC at this time - that’s why you can’t get it working.

Thanks, and will it be supported in the nearest future?

In the near future, no.

I got one of these which allows me to send audio output from OSMC to bluetooth speaker.

It works fine, but it powers itself off when there’s no audio. Then it has to
re-connect to bluetooth speaker when you power it back on.
(I would prefer if it was just permanently on, and permanently paired to my
bluetooth speaker)

Any news on this? Want to use my bt headphones with my osmc. My wife don’t like tv’s in the sleeping room :smile: