Bluray rips help?

I Have ripped most of my bluray movies using Makemkv. The issue I have is that with some the video lags behind the audio. Im assuming this is a issue with the encoder as all the files that are effected play fine with my Mac with VLC player. As far as I can tell the issue seems to be mostly on WB movies. recently I have switched though all the Kodi OS’s to see it the issues exist with them and they do.


Could you please provide mediainfo for a couple of the rips with the issue, also logs showing the issue may help:

Thanks Tom.

Also, if not activated already try to activate “adjust refresh rate…” in the video options.

Thank You. I actually found that the affected files are all VC1. Since I haven’t purchased a VC1 codec from Raspberry Pi it’s no wonder they didn’t work.