Blurred Line on bottom of video

Im watching hevc 1080p videos and im getting a blurred line across the bottom of video. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

Can you post a picture so we understand? Also the source of the vid? Logs might be useful.

A sample would be great so we can try here.


media info: GeneralUnique ID : 21301940564135894919136480189613144261 -

Can you upload a small sample to the URL I’ve sent.




That looks to be the whole episode. Might be an idea to delete that link to avoid piracy issues

I’ll see if I can reproduce the issue


I had the same issue when encoding a few Blu-rays I own to HEVC 1080p. In my case Handbrake didn’t automatically crop the top and bottom black bars correctly. Manually setting the resolution to the correct AR fixed the problem.

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