Boot order between mount and nfs server

This is probably more a debian question than osmc, but I figured someone round here might know the details behind the automount service that osmc uses.

I’ve got an external usb drive connected to my rPi which automounts. I’ve also added nfs-kernel-server to share the media on this drive. I see in /etc/init.d there is a service called mountall which I assumed was doing the mounting, so I added # Required-Start: mountall $remote_fs nfs-common $portmap $time to the start of the nfs-kernel-server definition assuming that would ensure the drive was always mounted before the exports were shared… but upon reboot the exports will frequently not be available. Yet sometimes will be.

So I’m guessing mountall has nothing to do with udisks / udisks-glue… can someone tell me what I need to tell nfs-kernel-server to wait for?

OSMC uses systemd.
You can use After or Wants in your unit to depend on udisks first

Ah sounds like nfs-kernel-server is an old style init script so I can’t add a dependency on udisks to it… Does anyone know if there is there a modern systemd style nfs server unit I should be using instead?