Boot Video / Splash Screen

Are there any plans to clean up the Boot process?

At the moment the OSMC logo show sup, and then the topr left portion of the screen is overwritten but boot text… it kind of ruins the whole experience if i’m honest…

is there anyway or any plan to stop this?

No boot text on my system…

Boot text only appears if system services are failing to start or taking an excessive time to start - eg there is a problem.

Post a photo of the messages you see and lets see if we can figure out why they are happening for you…

Thanks will do, I’m not at home at the moment but will post them this afternoon.

Ok, well it seems it’s not doing it anymore… maybe it was just the first boot after an update or something…

thanks anyway :slight_smile:

If its being caused by something taking a while to start it may come and go.

In my case its doing an http query on boot up … Fake hardware clock maybe?
Any thoughts?

http-time.service is a service that tries to set the time based on an HTTP query to google/apple/microsoft, normally it would not take long to run (and thus not display a message) unless it takes a while for your network connection to come up. It’s nothing to worry about.

I figured that thanks :smiley: Its just that I saw so many people talk about it.
I think in most cases it is the clock …

I think the “wait for network” option causes boot text to show

There is no real time clock in a Pi, so every time it boots the time needs to be obtained from the internet.

We actually take a 3 stage approach to setting time during boot:

  1. Fakehwclock restores the time that was saved at last shutdown
  2. http-time.service queries google/apple/microsoft and gets a rough time from the HTTP query
  3. ntpd starts up and sets the time precisely and continues to run adjusting the time to keep it from drifting out.

The reason for (2) is because some users routers block the ports needed by ntpd, so this is a fallback.

  1. also to prevent massive jumps which NTP won’t like