Booting OK After Update but with no input response

I am pretty sure that my RPI2 performed the December update without issue but yesterday evening my PI requested to exit to perform another update and when it re-started I had no Wifi, No USB keyboard response.
Symptoms are as follows…
OSMC boots to gui but displays a notification “Updates Error! Check Log File…”
Wifi dongle does not have any lights.
USB keyboard does not work to navigate OSMC
keyboard is powered
Tried a USB mouse and also no response
Tried RJ45 ethernet and I have lights but can’t see it on my network to SSH

HELP! Don’t want to have to re-install if I can avoid it.

Tried holding down CTRL at boot so you can get into emergency shell then trying to fetch logs

Thanks for the quick response, I attempted to boot with CTRL held down and it still boots to the OSMC GUI. Any Chance I can get the logs right off the SD card or force the emergency shell by editing the SD Card boot?

While it sounds a bit far fetched I still would say it might not harm to try to add the dtoverlay=mmc line at the end of config.txt file and see if that solves your issue.

I will give it a try and report back my findings.
thanks for the support.

Trying the dtoverlay=mmc did not fix my issue so I have decided to perform a clean install.
Interesting that the December update is not one of the options in the OSMC installer.
Think I will stick with the November one for a bit.

The images are always released a few days later in case any last minute issues are noticed so that we don’t put out images with known problems.

There were a couple of issues with the initial December update mostly relating to the kernel and some SD cards - these have now been fixed. We are waiting a little longer to see if any other significant issues crop up before releasing the images.

All known important issues with the December update have been fixed so if you update now you shouldn’t have any issues. Since you are doing a clean install anyway I would recommend updating to December and letting us know whether your previous issues are fixed.

Staying on old releases doesn’t help any problems get resolved, particularly if it’s something obscure that affects very few people.