Booting to command line


I have an ATV 1 that I have installed OSMC on. I see that I can stop Kodi from starting on boot by typing

sudo systemctl disable mediacenter

will this mean that OSMC will boot to a command line? If so how can I get it to run another command?

Essentially I have installed a desktop and a vnc client and I would like the vnc client to run at startup so that I can connect from my mac to manage the ATV as a torrent server.


See the Wiki for information on accessing the command line

I have successfully accessed the command line by exiting Kodi / pressing escape and entering the login credentials.

What I would like to happen is to be able to mod OSMC so that it boots to the command line.

If that is not possible, then I don’t mind it booting into Kodi as long as can get the vncserver to run automatically.

Just enable a Getty service, I think we also explained this on the Wiki.


If you want to startup services at boot have a look at systemd.

As a bit of a Linux noob (I have forgotten more than I can remember!) I will research both systemd and ‘a Getty service’.

For reference I couldn’t find any mention of ‘getty’ or ‘tty’ in the wiki


You can also use this method:

Aha I just found this page which I think will do what I want:

Thanks for your help and suggestions.