Brand new to this, some questions

Ive got a Pi3 with a Pi DAC+ from IQaudIO

I know nothing about linux so deal with images only.

Ive used Moodeaudio (there is an image on IQaudIO website) and got to grips with it, works fine for my NAS and Radio stations.

The Openelec Kodi image I used on the same site loaded great, straight into Kodi only problem no sound.
It hadnt been updated for Pi3 and or the DAC+

Every other Kodi image, on various OSs same issue.

Gordon from IQaudIO has created an OSMC image which works.
Ive had sound out of it on BBC iplayer.

However this doesn’t load into Kodi, I need a usb keyboard to navigate OSMC

my questions are:
Where is kodi, I cant find it.?
The other things I’d like to use are
playing music files from my NAS
Selecting Radio stations at the highest bitrate particularly BBC
and Iplayer

I’ve been through the OSMC menu.
The only thing I can find is Iplayer, there already under video-video add-ons

can someone point me in the right direction for everything please?

finally found most of my issues were just that it wasn’t on the Kodi skin I was used to!