Broken curl version


I just learned that curl 7.38 and kodi are known to not work together properly (Kodi Forum Thread, curl bug report). Is this problem known for OSMC, too?

If yes, you might want to consider including another curl version into your builds.


@ActionA: Sorry for kind-of-re-post. I admit that my choice of example to present my problem was not the best. But the problem is present for other streaming addons (radio, etc) as well, and just wanted to know whether this is a known problem or I somehow messed up my installation.

Yours is the only problem with curl that has been seen here in some months. ie: it’s not a problem.

Hi ActionA,

thanks for the quick response!

Gonna reinstall :smile:

We use cURL 7.38 in Jessie. I believe this has been patched in Debian