Browsing for UPnP server for music files

I am running Qnap NAS with Two UPnP servers, Twonky which is OK for Videos and minimserver which I need for classical music.

When I try and browse for source to add Music files I am not given an UPnP option and cannot see either server. However, both are servers are visible if I browse to add Video files because UPnP devices are offered as a choice in the menu.

Why is this not offered in the Music section.

I shall continue to read other threads but wished to place a marker on this as it is my first posting.


Following starting this thread I tried openELEC on the same hardware. With openELEC and browsing to add music I am offered all the UPnP servers in the same way as for adding Videos.
In summary there appears to be a bug in OSMC with regard to the treatment of UPnP media servers when adding music data.
Can anybody suggest a solution please?

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information, including logs from you. Please see for advice on how to help us help you.

Hi, thanks and yes I know I must supply more data. As will be clear to you I am still at bottom of learning curve and was not even sure what I was trying to do was correct.

I have meanwhile switched to openELEC in order to get RPi running headless to test Pi-DAC+ and rest of my setup. Seems OK so will be putting back OSMC but am hoping I can use web interface and need to learn how to set up logging for headless setup. Will go to Wiki, read up and return when I am in position to provide useful data.

Thanks again, Budgie.