Browsing gui while video playing issues


Im using a rpi2 overclocked and since isengard update while a video is playing in the background, when i browse through the gui very fast suddenly black screen and black image shows over movie posters. The skin freezes and to make it work again i have to stop the video and the skin works normally.

Ive tried all the video accelaration options settings the gui updates to unlimited.

I know the rpi2 is capable because i remember not having this problem in helix so i tested the helix osmc version again and sure enough browsing through the gui is a breeze even when the default gui updates is 10fps.

For some reason in helix when the gui updates is set at default 10fps the gui is very smooth browsing but in isengard when set at 10fps its very jumpy browsing.

Oh and im using the aeon mq 6 skin, i know this is a bit more resourse intensive, but even in helix browsing is a breeze so its not a skin issue. An even in confluence on isengard the same black screen happens. Maybe isengard is rendering the gui on software making cpu more work im not sure.

Maybe @popcornmix has any info on this. Did anything change from helix to isengard regarding this.

I will update logs if needed but remember checking they werent any errors last time i did a debug on this issue.

Thanks for any info

A debug log would be useful. Most likely you are running out of gpu memory. You could try a higher gpu_mem setting.

Thanks for the reply.

So i increased the gpu_mem from 256 to the max 320. It seems to have helped a bit but still black image appears.

Heres debug log while reproducing the problem

Thanks again

Log says you are out of gpu memory. You can increase gpu_mem above 320M by editing config.txt.
In system/video output try disabling “Enable higher colour depth artwork” which will halve the memory used for artwork.

Thanks disabling higher colour artwork helped a great deal. Black outs occur less often now.

Whats the maximum number i can increase the gpu_mem too?

Also does setting the gui updates to unlimited increase the gpu load or should i keep it at 25fps?

Thanks again popcornmix. Great having your help.

There is no upper limit on gpu_mem. Pi2 has 1024M total, but arm/kodi needs at least 256M to run, so you may be able to go up to 768M (although I suspect you may start to hit memory issues on the arm side before then). gpu_mem=512 is probably usable.

The gui updates limit lowers cpu. Possibly that allows more textures to get loaded and so a gui limit may run out of gpu memory sooner. Settng to unlimited and then using gui heavily is quite likely to cause playback problems for video.

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Thanks for the info popcorn.

I will test tweaking settings been great difference.

I hope there will be a 2gb ram rpi sometime next year :yum:

Cheers again for the help.