Buffering and lag issues while watching TV after latest update (2015.08.03)

After updating to the latest release I am no longer able to what TV. When trying to tune to a channel it buffers quite a lot and video will eventually freeze.

Also if I go to the main menu, it has a horrible lag when scrolling through the menu. Overall the performance seems very poor.

Device: (Rasp Pi 2)
Installation media: (SDcard)
Connection: (Both)
Power Supply Type: USB
Power specs:
Peripherals: (Flirc)
Storage Device (incl. Network Sharing Protocol): (None)
OSMC version: (2015.07-1)
XBMC version: ((15.1-RC1)
Codecs: (mpeg2, vc1)
Audio/Video Output: (HDMI)
Overclocked: no
Config.txt Extras:
LINK to uploaded logs in pastebin: http://pastebin.com/nVNzm7k5

Does enabling omxplayer in video/acceleration settings help?

I also having this problem. But it started already from Helix 14.2. With Helix 14.0 I did not have the issue.
If I disable OMX AND MMAL accellaration and i disable Sync Playback to Display the livetv works.

With OMX or MMAL on video freezes and sound continues. I do not have this issue on my PI2 with Openlec 6.0 beta 3.

The workaround works but is annoying when watching a 1080P movie. With MMAL disabled my mkv videos are unwacthable. With MMAL enabled mkv works perfectly.

Device: (Rasp Pi)
Installation media: (SDcard)
Connection: Ethernet
Power Supply Type: usb adapter
Power specs: 5.2V / 2A
Peripherals: (none)
Storage Device (incl. Network Sharing Protocol): (NFS 8TB NAS)
OSMC version: (2015.07-1)
XBMC version: ((15.1-RC1)
Codecs: (mpeg2, vc1)
Audio/Video Output: (HDMI) (Hifiberry DAC)
Overclocked: yes (turbo default)

I thought I was going crazy and the only one having this issue. I will try and make the change when I get home and see if it works.

I can confirm enabling omxplayer resolved the issues. Thanks, popcornmix.

Also I changed “Limit GUI updates during playback” to “Unlimited” which fixed the menu lag issue.

The latest update also solved the freezing but i still suffering lags and chips in the sound and video.
I am using dutch digitenne and I only have this on channels of a specific bouquet.
Can anybody direct me in the right direction and/or what to look for in the logs?

Have you tried with omxplayer enabled/disabled?
Can you try with sync playback to display enabled/disabled?

I disabled omxplayer, mmal and sync playback to display and this improved video and reduced the sound chips significantly.
But i find video quality lower. With omxplayer on video quality is much better.

Will test it more tonight. What are possible solutions if this would be the cause?
I have a hifiberry DAC and cannot use it with MMAL disabled.


After testing Popcornmix proposed settings with mixed results I decided to look on the server side to try to locate the problem.
Because livetv was working in pre 14.2 versions I thought the problem was on the client side and did not thought i could be on the server side.
It seems that on the specific bouquet vdr had a lot of TS sync errors which correspondent with the lagging on the screen.
After searching the web I found a newer firmware for my AVerMedia A867 DVB-T stick (af9035-2.fw) and after updating I am happy to say that the problems are gone. I also have a better reception of the other channels with a clearer livetv as result.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!