Buffering Notification


Is there a way to enable a “Buffering” notification for OSMC?

I have setup a few Pi 2 with OSMC and asked end users to test.

The biggest problem they seem to have, is not knowing that it is actually buffering in the background and they need to wait for it to finish.

Or, that is was buffering but has failed eventually. Sometimes there is a failure notification, other times not.

I know it is buffering, by going to Now Showing and then press the menu/options button on the remote, it shows some nice details.

If there is no Show Buffering Notification option, could this be something added to Final Release?


What skin are you using ?

I think the display of buffering information is up to the skin designer - some skins will bring up the OSD and show buffering automatically when playback pauses due to buffering, however some skins will not, or will only show it for a couple of seconds. I use the Black Glass Nova skin and it doesn’t automatically display buffering if playback stops.

I’m using the default OSMC skin.

I’ve tried some other skins but some menu options don’t show sometimes and general feedback seems to point to the OSMC skin above others.