Bug Report - TV Menu/PVR Simple Client

If the right place, please move it for me or let me know if you need more info. I’ve never reported a bug anywhere.

I was trying to activate an add-on that used live TV. These are my steps:

  1. System Menu -+ TV - General - Clicked on Enabled. The message popped up and I tried to activate PVR Simple Client. I enabled it, then configured an m3u playlist URL. (Tried several, the URL is not the problem)

  2. PVR IPTV Simple Client. disappeared from the list. I escaped out, then went back into PVR Clients. It was back but it had disabled itself.

  3. Played with it for a couple of days. I just decided to set up Weather. I enabled, configured it and low and behold, the TV Menu finally made an appearance. PVR IPTV Simple Client now stays enabled.

  4. Tried to reproduce the error several times. I could only get TV to appear on the main menu with Weather configured.

If further info needed, let me know!