Call ActivateWindow from Python

hi guys!

Is there any way to call a specific ActivateWindow function from a plugin (python)? Similar to the custom menu that you have under the appearance settings.

I would like to call a plugin from my plugin, that’s why i would need it…
this is the command i would like to call:

I tried with the following, but no luck:

actions =

thank you in advance!

The actual programme that the plugin is for would use it to run different features. I don’t think there is a possible way for you to call the plugin with the use of code, even though you can do a lot of things with code.

Plus, trying to call a ‘plugin from a plugin’ seems strange.

Hope this helped

Thanks Js27.

I just want to launch a window similar to the custom menu structure that uses ActiveWindow from python (which is a plugin in this case). That’s it.

When i try with the ActiveWindow command i’m getting the following error message:
NameError: global name ‘ActivateWindow’ is not defined.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Sorry guys, it was sorted…

import xbmc

solved it.

Hahaha cool, no worries. Coding is made a LOT more difficult seeing as you have to use real terms such as execute, fetch and all that other mumbo jumbo :joy:

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