Call kodi in PI 2B+ using shell Linux command line is availiable?

Is possible to call Kodi in PI 2 B+ using shell Linux command line (like OMX player command line)?

You might want to explain a bit clearer what you intent to do!
Generally Kodi in OSMC is implemented as a service that is controlled via systemctl

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

Furthermore a watchdog is running to ensure that Kodi is restarted after it exit (unless ESC is pressed).

The ideia is to call kodi using executable parameters like the clip file name to play, 2d or 3D mode exhibition etc… via shell linux command line without using the monitor and keyboard interface.


That is not the real way how Kodi works (you could just use mplayer for that). If you want to do it in Kodi, let Kodi be running as normal and do the Video Control via JSON RPC as Sam indicates.
You also can have a script/addon to control what is played on boot up.

Calling built in functions via kodi-send (available at the command line on OSMC) is probably a lot easier than directly using the JSON-RPC interface.

For example:

kodi-send -A 'PlayMedia(filename)'

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This worked perfectly. other than I had to use --action rather than -A but THANK YOU SO MUCH

kodi-send --action='PlayMedia(/path/file)'

Check if command was send correctly to OSMC.
tail -n 10000 $HOME/.kodi/temp/kodi.log|grep DVDPlayer|grep -i Opening|awk '{print $6 $7 $8 $9 $10 $11 $12 $13 $14}'|cut -c 9-

check if it failed to load.
tail -n 1000 $HOME/.kodi/temp/kodi.log|grep ERROR