Can a Pi3 do 4K, and other fun stuff

There are no bad addons or power supplies (3A ffs) at my RPI3…this was a hastened release and lots of us didn’t do backups. Now we have to reinstall the whole bang.

We are using it as a central hub with home autonmation, vpn server, torrent. Before the update it worked fine!

Is it a 2A or 3A power supply? And you do seem to have alot running on your system, so I’d suggest disabling some of the other stuff to see if that helps.

3A as said. Running a lot in what dimension? RAM? CPU? RPI3 is supposed to run 4k video. With the new update even my USB BT dongle doesn’t work anymore. + I get the low power sign with all devices disconnected.

PS Funny thing though; whenever my active USB drive is connected the low power warning is gone :unamused:

Opps, you jumped in in the middle of this, so my response was confused.

If you are getting the low power warning, it’s your power supply.

Is that right? You might want to check your sources.

Ok. How then before the update there was no warning ie what caused the sudden spike in consumption? Cryptomining? LHC calculations?

And what IS the large conusmption on my part? I dont do drilling with the Pi!

Your power supply probably isn’t up to scratch. You can learn more on our Wiki here:

Oh… If you are unable to differentiate between a source of information regarding a devices technical capability and the definition of a contextually irrelevant turn of words then maybe the raspberry pi isn’t for you?
Since I’m feeling so charitable towards the disadvantaged today, I found some relevant information that you may be able to comprehend if you read it a couple times slowly.


Let me google that for you sunshine. Show me the yellow mark since I am not “advantaged” enough…Douche!

So you believe a random YouTube video VS the official Pi page. Locking this thread until you can learn how to behave.

You truly are touched, no? You think a highly experimental edge case (4k at very low refresh rate, did you read or listen to anything that YouTube video poster wrote or said??) is somehow immediately implemented in all existing code? That’s like finding a the YouTube vid where the guy rides a lawnmower 120 mph and now, 2yrs later, you wonder why all lawnmowers don’t run that fast! Does your superior snowflake Google-fu also provide links indicating that rpi computing power and GPU performance is no longer constrained by the silicon chip soldered to it?


My initial question was why has the new update problems with freezes. Actually I didn’t open this new thread called “CAn a Pi3 do 4K, and other fun stuff”. Now I see that these VERIFIED people called bmillham and ActionA have some hard on in getting some virtue (and points in correcting us (called “disadvantaged”) to fool us into some debate, not answering the real question:

Why does the new update freze a fine working osmc install? Why does the BT dongle don’t work anymore? Can we roll it back? How come this video of a guy running in 4k RESOLUTION(!) has no warning signs for low power (ie yellow flash")?

This gaslighting effort has got no effect whatsoever except for these two clowns to get their weekend fulfilments

PS Catperson, I didn’t open this thread! Find yourself another target of your Tech Justice Warrior idiocy

I woudn’t agree, this has all the specs you would need for just running the RPI3. It was bought last September. There is no OC on the board just the (offical) BT dongle…After the update it freezes in less than 10 min…

And your question was answered. You just refuse to believe the answer.

As to the video, how do you know it wasn’t faked??? Somehow I can know (if you are in the US) that you voted for Trump…

BTW, I also have horses, so call me what you wish.

Your initial, premier post to this forum actually contained no questions at all. It was actually more a ranty indictment accompanied by zero technical diagnostic information with some whinging about a reinstall for what reason I have no idea… It was shortly followed up with the baseless implication that the OS was some sort of malware used for the purpose of mining cryptos off the backs of unknowing users. We, the ones who freely offer our donated time and effort in our spare time for no compensation, don’t appreciate those who arrive here to vent their frustrations and slander a great project with unfounded accusations. Enjoy your trip to the PSU store.

It seems that you are also building strawmans in free time. My adapter has 3A like replied to your colleague (which is the one most competent I see).

What does this thread mean “Can a PI3 do 4K, and other fun stuff”? I didn’t open it. You are gaslighting and implying that I opened thi thread. Two hours ago you even blocked me to answer your other bozo ActionaA. I feel like soon I will be accused that I am a Russian bot.