Can I add video add-ons and/or add-on nodes to the OSMC skin?

Sorry if this has been covered a millions times. I’m new to OSMC, but have used Kodi and OpenElec, and I tried to search and browse for this topic, but didn’t find any results.

Is there a way to add Video/Program add-ons and/or nodes directly to the OSMC Skin, i.e. I click Video, and my selected add-on or nodes are listed, instead of clicking video add-ons and navigating through every add-on?

Also, is it possible to add custom categories such as movies, sports, etc?

i know I can save favorites as a workaround, but I’m wondering is this is even possible. Cheers!


I have

Once you are happy, I suggest using the Backup add-on to save everything.

just in-case the last post was as clear as mud