Can I create a HotSpot with internet access via my phone via Blueteooth or

Hi all.

I just got my first Pi (crowd cheers!!) and it’s a Pi3 with Noobs. I then ran it and installed OSMC straight away. It did it’s install … booted up and boom i’m in and answering questions.

So … I wish to put this in my car. I wish to have

  • A hotspot (OSMC calls this ‘tethering’). Ipads can then connect via
  • Internet access for anyone connected to the PI via WiFi.
  • Pi is connect to my iPhone via Bluetooth (or wifi??) and uses this for Internet Access.

eg …

iPad -> Pi -> iPhone w/ internets.

This is much easier to accomplish by using the phone as a wifi hotspot that all other devices connect to.

So will OSMC auto-connect to my phone’s hotspot … when the phone’s hotspot goes on? (it’s not on all the time)

ie. does OSMC scan for known wifi’s and autoconnect if found?

If you have previously connected to the network, OSMC will try and join it.