Can I update tvheadend to the git version?

I believe I’m running the latest osmc/kodi… but having trouble with tvheadend 4.0.5, I see that 4.0.7 was recently updated in git. Can I (temporarily) try that version?. Is there a deb/package I can install based on the latest git?.

It will be updated in the OSMC repository soon.


Thanks! how would I know when that happens?. Is there a way of “browsing” the repository?.

The staging repository is already updated, but the stable repository is not. It will be delivered as an automatic update this month (OSMC will prompt you).


Any harm in installing the .deb from jessie-devel?.

Not at all – let me know how it goes; but make sure you flip back to jessie after upgrading

sudo apt-get install armv7-tvheadend-app-osmc