Can I use Netflix on OSMC?(post 4)


Thanks for responding to me while on the road, Joakim. By dependency page you mean Settings>Add-on Browser>Install from repository>Netflix Addon Repository>Video add-ons>Netflix? Then yes, I have clicked ok many times. The add-on will not appear in Videos>Video add-ons and the error message occurs no matter what version I install when I press ok.

If there is another dependency page, could anyone point me in the right direction on where it is or how to find it? Forum and google searches have turned up nothing.

Is there anything else I should be looking at either through the interface or the command line that could be causing this error? Should I post the error log?


@Zeesy I will try to set it up on a newly imaged pi2 again, I will follow my setup step by step and see if i can find your problem.

Reinstall done, followed my own steps to the letter and i get netflix installed. The important thing is to click OK when dependecy page comes up, it will install the ones it needs and the ones it cant find is allready installed in the system. Inputstream comes with gmc’s build, pycryptodome is installed in shell before we install netflix addon.



My netflix is not working anymore; i did not try very much faultclearance as i have no clue what problem is ?

When i try to start a playback, i got an error.

I uploaded the logs (clean after reboot as pr. instructions)

Hope someone can help me ?

Rgds; Jesper

Vero 4K Netflix and Streaming general

The components required for netflix to function are all in pre-beta development stages. Breakage is to be expected. You should be reporting the issue in the thread you used to get it working. Maybe someone there will know what the issue might be but, as all the software is in the testing phase, I wouldn’t expect miracles. You are quite likely to have to simply wait for the development process to progress to a more stable state.


So, I’ve done a clean reinstall of Kodi v.18 on a newly images raspi3, followed all of the above instructions, and am still unable to see Netflix in addons.


go back to main menu
goto addons
mark netflix choose context menu, settings and add you login information

I go to Main menu>Add-ons>My add-ons/All. There is nothing listed as just Netflix. When I do a search, Netflix Addon Repository is checked, but when clicked there is no context menu and the configure tab is greyed out.

The first dependency was unavailable when I clicked OK.
I am also based in Canada.
Could either of these be the issue?

Thank you again for all of your help with this!


When you go to addons, dont you have a netflix icon directly there?? no need for My addons, and i should update my guide, since login is asked for the first time you start it.

Are you sure you click on “ok” button when depencies are shown, no click in on any dependency, two times right arrow and then select.

Edit: Will have to update the installation instructions to include how to extract libwidevine, since fro now it wont be included in the nightlys.


The Netflix icon was not visible at all after following the instructions the first time. It is now installed and visible, but will not open and I can’t change accounts :thinking:

I went back to Dependencies, but inputstream.adaptive and script.module.pycryptodome are listed as Unavailable. There is no OK button, just a cancel button. I am using an osmc remote so I used the remote’s OK button. Using the mouse, instead of clicking cancel I clicked outside the dependencies pop-up to get back to the addon page.

Going back to the addon page through Install from Repository I was given the option to Install (not initially available to me after following the above instructions). After selecting and downloading 0.12.7 the Netflix icon does appear in Add-ons.

When I clicked on it the first time I was prompted to enter my email but entered the wrong one and cancelled. Now when I click on the add-on I get a Netflix error and the add-on does not open. When I attempt to switch accounts through settings, nothing happens.

Should I uninstall and reinstall? Or reformat the card?


shouldn’t be needed

context menu on netflix addon, settings, chose switch account. next time you open netflix it will ask for the mail and password again


I’ve done that a few times (context menu>settings>switch account). When I then open Netflix, I am given the Netflix error message (even after rebooting), and am taken to the Videos folder. I also get a Netflix error message after context menu>settings>switch account and then exiting back to the main menu without opening Netflix. Opening Netflix again from there results in the same error, and in getting kicked back to the Videos folder.


How can I extract the widivine libraries?

Is there a script?

Please, let me know. My Netflix addon broke after the latest build.


uninstall netflix addon and reinstall it from my addons\video addons\netflix


Success! Sort of. I completely uninstalled the addon and the reinstalled from the repository.

After opening the app I logged in with the correct email address and can now see my account :tada:

The app opens and is mostly working now but I suspect that connection issues (I’m on a wireless connection) are keeping me from seeing videos (none of them will load).


enable debug logging restart and try to play a film/tv episode in netflix, when it doesn’t work. restart kodi (power menu-> exit) remove debug log and upload logs and post the url.
I can take a look to see if there is somethign obvius


I can browse the contents of netflix but when I want to reproduce I have a problem.
Here are the logs:
NOTICE: VideoPlayer :: OpenFile: http: // localhost: 58417 / manifest? Id = 80117698
NOTICE: Creating InputStream
ERROR: Interface_Filesystem :: get_property_values - invalid data (addon = ‘0x7061db58’, file = ‘0x57787c60’)
ERROR: AddOnLog: InputStream Adaptive: Unable to load widevine shared library (/home/osmc/.kodi/cdm/
ERROR: AddOnLog: InputStream Adaptive: OpenDRMSystem failed
ERROR: CVideoPlayer :: OpenInputStream - error opening [http: // localhost: 58417 / manifest? Id = 80117698]
NOTICE: CVideoPlayer :: OnExit ()

Any one is able to help


looks like you are missing, have you just installed v.18. Gmc removed libwidevine from his nightlys a few days ago. You can add it yourself by using a script:

Getting libwidevine:

sudo apt-get install xz-utils

wget -O /tmp/chromium-widevine-           
tar xJf /tmp/chromium-widevine- usr/lib/chromium/ --strip-components=3
chmod 755
if [ ! -d "/home/osmc/.kodi/cdm/" ]; then                      
 mkdir /home/osmc/.kodi/cdm/
cp -ar /home/osmc/.kodi/cdm/    
ln -fs /usr/lib/kodi/addons/inputstream.adaptive/ /home/osmc/.kodi/cdm/

chmod +x

[TESTING] Kodi 18 (Leia) builds for Raspberry Pi
Widevine problems
[TESTING] Kodi 18 (Leia) builds for Vero 2 & 4K
[TESTING] Kodi 18 (Leia) builds for Raspberry Pi

I have add the same problem.
I reinstalled the plugin but now I get always the error.

I can attach the part of the log:
19:54:25.689 T:1924788224 ERROR: Control 55 in window 10025 has been asked to focus, but it can’t
19:54:37.690 T:1924788224 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting plugin://
19:54:37.691 T:1924788224 ERROR: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory(plugin:// failed


thank you, you are great!
The only problem is the lack of sound.
This problem is with netflix and spotify, I have not tested more
The script required a small modification because it did not pass mkdir because the folder was already there


Patched the script, to look if the directory exists. Thanks for the feedback.


Hi Joakim_Sandstrom !

EDIT EDIT JUST tested it… its working as supposed, just got confused… sry…

Is this line correct ? -

tar xJf /tmp/chromium-widevine- usr/lib/chromium/ --strip-component=3

The directory /usr/lib/chromium is not there after script is executed (vero 4k)

rgds; Jesper


It’s all on oneline in the script, the line is inside that tar file, so that you just extract that file not the whole image.