Can OSMC be installed on other TV Boxes


Will OSMC run without problems if it is installed on a TV box other than Rpi and Vero.

If no, what are the requirements before it can be installed on other boxes not officially supported

At present there is no way you can use OSMC on other than officially supported hardware.
However, you might be able to install Kodi on a TV with a linux or android based OS ( see for support forums)


Perhaps you could clarify this for me and explain why this is so.

The Rpi3 comes with just the hardware on it i,e no operating system or additional software is on it as far as I can see.

Are you saying the OSMC can only be installed on and run by using a SD card ?


OSMC has been designed to run on Raspberry Pi (all models) and the Vero line of devices. What more explanation is necessary? You are welcome to try to install it on anything you want but I think you’ll find yourself wasting your time. What we mean by unsupported hardware is that if you’d like to try to install it on anything else, you are on your own…