Can OSMC confirm vpn server connection?

I have established a vpn server connection via Linux. I then exit Linux and activate OSMC by typing “Kodi”.
How can I then confirm that the connention is still intact? OSMS network status only reflect my normal connection IP status.
Once I have activated the vpn via Linux and activated Kodi, I can not exit OSMC to check the vpn connection in Linux (RPi3 hangs…)
Any ideas?

Well that is an issue you should investigate separately.
But to answer your question:

Login to OSMC via SSH while Kodi is running and check your external IP (e.g. wget -qO -)

If you want to do it from within Kodi I think all Addons that would provide that information are from repositories which I would not recommend but search Kodi What's My IP Address if you want to go down that path

Thanks a lot! I’ll follow the SSH Route!