Can OSMC not handle 1080i TS files?

All .ts files I try and play on OSMC are real stuttery and jittery, they work just fine on my PC. Is there anything I can do to make these play better?

Sounds like they’re the mpeg2 video codec from a PVR. You need to buy the correct codec to play them then they will be fine.

Buy the correct codec? I’m not sure how to do that …? I don’t see anything for that. The file plays, sound works, it’s on my screen, but the framerate looks real weird.

I’ve no problem buying that if that’s what I need – had no idea something like that existed. But would the video play at all if that was the issue? After I buy this what are the steps to … make it work on OSMC? I’m a super noob to all of this, and thanks for the responses thus far.

The pi 1’s would’ve just had a black screen since they didn’t have the power to play them at all but the pi2 does try since it is powerful enough to do sd mpeg2 content in software but hot powerful enough to do hd without hardware acceleration.

When you buy it you can input it in the pi config add-on to activate it.

Just press ‘O’ while the video is playing and look at the codec that is being used - if it says mpeg2 you need the mpeg2 codec to play it properly.

Thanks guys – yeah, mediainfo on my PC says it’s mpeg2, I had no idea this was a thing. I’ll buy that in a couple days when I get paid and report back here if everything is on fire and I can’t figure it out.

Thanks much.


I have only been using my RPi with OSMC for a couple of weeks and had to create a login to the RPi shop and purchased the file for GBPounds 2.50 [Australian AU$5.00 - VAT was deducted!] with Paypal.

Received the code by return email… so efficient.

Put the code in where necessary in OSMC, now playing .AVI .TS etc.

How cool for a 30-year Windows person. I have impressed myself LOL.


I am having a problem running .ts streams (liveTV using pvr simple client). I purchased the license but the streams take ages (almost 5 full minutes) to start.
is everything normal to you ?

Rather than resurrecting a year old post that has been resolved and not really even similar to your issue, it would be preferable that you create your own appropriately titled thread and provide log files so that someone can look at exactly what Kodi seems to think is wrong. Thanks

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information, including logs from you. Our wiki contains detailed steps for providing the relevant info we need to help you.