Can OSMC RC3 be upgraded offline to release?

I installed OSMC a couple of weeks ago on a RPi2B unit. I used OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20150519.img, which I think is RC3.
I also configured both eth OSMC and Kodi for my preferences.
Right now the unit is moved to the final destination with no Internet access for the RPi and I am back home. There has been an announcement for the release version today.
Can I somehow update the existing installation to Release from a downloadable file I can get while I am at home and bring out to the remote unit on my laptop disk? Note that the Pi will not have Internet access for some time (across summer) but I can carry files back and forth on my laptop or on a thumb drive.
Can I for example have some update files on a thumb drive and plug into the USB of the RPi?

This is more tricky I’m afraid.

We’ve never planned this, but it’s theoretically possible to upgrade an existing RC3 install, copy /var/cache/apt/archives/* to the new system and then run apt-get dist-upgrade. You’d also need to copy packages list too


Except apt-get dist-update will need Internet access, right?
What will happen if I stay with RC3 for the summer and do the update in September?
Will I be able then to upgrade when I have the unit at home or will the “upgrade time” have expired (if there is such a thing)?

Not if the necessary packages are there. See apt-cdrom for an example

It will upgrade just fine. Enjoy the break


You can stay on your current version for as long as you like and update to whatever the then-current version is when it suits you.

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OK, then I’ll do that. And after the arctic spring in Sweden summer has finally arrived yesterday, so we need the vacation. :slight_smile: