Can the Vero 2 run 24/7?

thinking about getting the Vero 2 and want to use it as entertainment and seed box, playing files from an external drive while also running Transmission/rtorrent (don’t know which one yet) through OpenVPN in the background 24/7.
Is it designed to be able to do this or are there going to be overheating issues?

It can run 24/7. It’s designed to be always on and consumes very little power when idle (about 1W).

The device won’t overheat easily. There is good thermal governing in the latest update to prevent this even when all 4 cores are maxed out and the GPU is busy.

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and if any of the other things metioned in my post weren’t possible you would’ve said so I assume? :slight_smile:

I don’t anticipate problems with the use case. Transmission is in our App Store but you have apt-get to install any packages.

OpenVPN can be tricky to set up on OSMC. We have plans to simplify it in the future.