Can Vero 4K+ output stereo sound via Bluetooth and multichannel sound via HDMI at the same time?

As subject line: is it possible for the Vero 4K+ to output 5.1 or 7.1 audio via HDMI and also stereo via Bluetooth simultaneously? Or does engaging Bluetooth necessarily require HDMI audio to be downmixed stereo?

I don’t think you can get BT and HDMI at the same time. Have you tried?

If you can, BT is likely to be just FL and FR, no downmixing (ie no FC which normally has all the speech an no LFE).

As far as I can tell, HDMI audio cuts out when Bluetooth is active, which is not what you want at all - you want the original multi-channel sound sent to the speakers and a stereo downmix sent to Bluetooth, both at the same time.

(Then if, like 1 person in every 6 in this country, you have some degree of hearing loss, you can either listen on a headset or stream the sound direct to your hearing aids, while the rest of the family listens on speakers).

I understand the use case. Unfortunately it’s tricky to have multi channel audio and stereo sound at the same time. The SoC supports dual audio output, but only in the form of SPDIF and HDMI or CVBS.