CanaKit WiFi dongel speed

Just set up my first Pi 2 using a CanaKit and the OSMC image. Only issue I have run into is that the WiFi dongle does not seem to see any of the N band networks. I can connect to G just fine. Does OSMC support N band with the CanaKit dongle? I believe the chipset is the Ralink 5370.


i am not familiar with that adapter so not sure. Check dmesg for chipset and capability verification.


It sees it and seems to run it, but wont find any N band networks

NVM, I suspect it is because my router runs N band on 5GHz and the cana dongle sees only 2GHz N band

Your stick is indeed, 2.4Ghz only.

Hello, MrMcGyver… i’m a noob here, and would like to know how you made the CanaKit donlge work for you. I can’t seem to make it work with my RPi2B+ and OSMC… thank you for your time and help…