Cannot connect to my Raspberry Pi 3B+ from Windows computer

Hi all,

I just set up a new computer and cannot connect to my Raspberry Pi using Windows 10 File Explorer. I can see it (name is OSMC) but when I enter my network credentials I am told “The user name or password is incorrect.” That is not so because I can connect with Filezilla using the same user name and password.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

How exactly are you trying to access the RPi? Are you trying to access it in network from a UPnP device that is being auto discovered? If so that doesn’t work. You should be able to type into the address bar \\ (using the actual ip address of your RPi) and it should connect as long as you installed the SMB server in My OSMC.

The SMB server is installed. If I go to \\ (using the actual ip address of my RPi) in Windows Explorer it takes me to a web page in my browser that says Kodi on the top and a background of an electric guitar being plucked and several categories down the left side instead of the files on the RPi .


Hmmm. Interesting. I was able to access it from Windows Explorer using User Name osmc and Password osmc.