Cannot enable web server with NFS based install

I’ve been using a B+ RPi for a while with an NFS based install and it’s very solid. I’d like to enable the web server in services so that I can control kodi using the offical kodi app on myy iphone, but I cannot enable it. When I try I get a dialog box saying:

Failed to start

Where do you see this dialogue? Can you attach a photo?
Can you upload some logs?


I get via
settings/services/control/Web Server/Allow remote control via HTTP

When I flick that to on, I get a simple dialog,

Failed to start

no other information I’m afraid.

The log files are in

Suggest to check if something is already on port 80
netstat -an | grep :80

Well not intenially :slight_smile: Here is what I get …

udp 0 0*
udp6 0 0 :::802 :::*

the is the NFS server providing rootfs and the pi itself is the

Does that help at all?

Well at least it show nothing is occupying port 80.
I suggest your enable debug logging, reboot, try to activate webserver, if you get error upload logs and then disable debug logging.

BTW wondering if you have a network/DNS issue as you have plenty of Couldn't resolve host name in your logs

I’d suggest you use port 8080. Due to a limitation of NFS, the osmc user isn’t allowed to bind to port 80 (or any port below 1024) on nfsroot installations.

bingo - that works fine and the advice is very much appreciated.

thanks for that - using anther port was the answer. I have recently deployed a new DNS server which isn’t quite sorted out, hence the occasional resolution errors.